Pig & Poultry Marketing Award Winners May 13 2014, 0 Comments

We proudly recieved three awards at the recent Pig & Poultry Marketing Awards in London.

The 2014 Pig and Poultry Marketing Awards that took place on Thursday 8th May on the shores of the South Bank. Nominees congregated at the London Marriot County Hall to celebrate innovation in the industry and reward production excellence, marketing communications and knowledge transfer throughout the whole of the pig and poultry food chain. James our Sales & Marketing Manager proudly collected the following three awards from judge Phil Vickery...

Taste of Excellence Award 
WINNER: Woodall's Cumberland Salami
"This was an excellent all round product! A well balanced spiced flavour with a peppery note - a great twist on a continental classic. In consumer language, our judges agreed it was very ‘moist‘ and would be first to go from the table!"

COMMENDED: Woodall's Smoked Pancetta
"A great product under the “Woodall's” brand - a rich smoky flavour perfectly balanced a great twist on a continental style meat. The team at Morrisons commend your packaging – it really did justice to the product!"

Brand Identity Award
COMMENDED: Woodall's brand
"The Woodall’s brand is built on the traditional smoking and curing techniques, mastered through eight generations of the Woodall’s family. The brand has been modernised and still encapsulates almost 200 years of the Woodall’s family legacy! Our judges think James Crease and the Woodall's team have created a powerful brand, with a fantastic heritage."